Unit 7 Animations

Final Animation

My final animation was supposed to be much longer and consisted more of the things i tested and developed. Such as splitting of the letters and the layering of the different text. I am happy with how it came out but i do feel it could contain more. I also wanted to include pixel sorting, but felt that it didn't suit the animation style. The animation process took around 3 days which is probably why the lighting may change during the animation. This is something given more time i will be able to fix in Photoshop. Im happy with the music, i think it really suits it and the context. Given more time i would clean up the background and fix some of the timings on scenes. Overall im happy but eel that i could have done better given more time. 


Animation For Image


As am initial test for stop frame animation i was very happy with how it turned out. It has a clean look and i like the mistakes that are produced when using an analogue method. As initial test i learnt that the lighting need to stay consistent and the way objects leave and enter the frame is very important.  I used red and blue because they are the colours used most to depict glitches and they are the colours i felt worked best together. Because they are contrasting, when placed together it enhances they other colour, and makes it seem more bold and eye catching. I would probable use the same colours again because they work so well together. Using acetate can be a little annoying because its hard to cut and dust and dirt is attracted to it because it get static. 



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